Governor Brown Supports Checkoff CA Month to Benefit Charitable Organizations


California Governor Jerry Brown urges taxpayers to support leading charitable organizations during Checkoff CA Month. Tax payers “checking off” contribution boxes on their State Income Tax Form can help support organizations like the California Senior Legislature continue fighting on behalf of California Seniors in the years to come.

“As the April 15th tax deadline nears, Californians can have a positive impact on their communities…These donations help fight cancer, protect seniors, prevent child abuse and support a host of other charitable endeavors. The people of our state have contributed over $20 million in the past five years, and this generosity has made a difference in the lives of our fellow Californians.” Stated Governor Brown.

The California Senior Legislature Fund is participating in the tax Checkoff program and you can make a contribution by checking Code 427 on your State Income Tax forms. “In 2015, more than 390,000 Californians checked off their favorite cause on the state tax form 540, raising over $4.9 million” Said Governor Brown.


“We at the California Senior Legislature (CSL) have been the most vocal advocates for seniors in our state and we are aware of the challenges facing us in the coming years.” John Pointer, Chair Joint Rules Committee of CSL.
CSL has a 35-year history advocating for senior rights. Its track record includes the Silver Alert Program and protections against elder abuse. CSL is California’s biggest champion for the elder community. However, CSL is only able to continue its work for the elderly through donations and “checking off” code 427 on State Income Tax Form 540.


For more information on this issue and CSL priorities, please contact Janice Bailey.