From “the Father of Games” to “the Father of Digital Assets in Cultural Industry”

Professor Michael Zyda

Los Angeles-  On January 29th, 2018 (PXT), Bitigex release conference was grand held in Los Angeles, USA, attracting fans from cultural industry, game, and blockchain community.  The Bitigex core founding team introduced the features of Bitigex to the guests, and shared the advanced concept of Bitigex’s ” cultural industry + blockchain “.

Bitigex is the first global digital assets exchange platform of  Vertical- Integrated Cultural Industry . It was founded by Michael Zyda and his team. Michael Zyda is a professor of University of Southern California. He is called “the father of games”. In 2017, global cultural industry’s total value is up to $2 trillion and $250 billion, and continuing rapidly growing. Based on huge cultural industry’s support, plus the all-star founding team led by the father of games, Michael Zyda, Bitigex has unlimited growth space. Bitigex was pursued by many investors since it was founded. Till now, Bitigex has accepted many worldwide well-known investors and investment institutes.

At the conference, Professor Michael Zyda mentioned the University of Southern California GamePipe Laboratory, which he established, joint with World Blockchain Organization, Institute of Digital China (Inc.), Peking University, Luxemburg Institute of Digital Economics, and China High-tech Industrialization Association Blockchain Industry Alliance together, founded World Institute of Blockchain Development. Professor Michael Zyda serves as the president of World Institute of Blockchain Development, Los Angeles branch. He is devoted himself to research and investment in the combined field of blockchain and cultural industry.

Professor Michael Zyda said that founding Bitigex was not a moment of impulsiveness, but it had been through a long time’s study and proof. Because of himself’ decades of deep ploughing in the cultural industry, combined with the support of many leading academic institutions and investment institutions all over the world, I believe Bitigex will become the most authoritative digital asset exchange platform in vertical- integrated culture industry. At the same time, associate with multiple famous investment institutes in Silicon Valley, the Institute jointly initiated the establishment of the Blockchain Angel Fund of Culture Industry. Foundation’s investment philosophy penetrates into every aspect of the whole ecological investment layout “Cultural Industry + Blockchain”, to ensure that Bitigex only provided high-qualified projects.

At the end of the conference, Professor Michael Zyda joked: “Thank you all for the support and love from the fans in cultural industry and game field for so many years. I hope I will be transformed from” the Father of Games “to” the Father of Cultural Industry’s Digital Asset “in the near future.

At the conference, Professor Michael Zyda did not mention any details relating to issuing the token. However, according to insiders, in addition to the investments from many well-known investors and institutes, BGX (Bitigex token)’s global distribution is being launched, and has been enthusiastically pursued by global fans.

The advantages of Bitigex’s Think Tank

 Bitigex has the world’s leading cutting-edge theory and think-tank supports for the “Cultural Industry + Blockchain” thesis. The World Institute of Blockchain Development and its strong joint launch institutions will provide all-round supports for the development of the thesis, “Cultural Industry + Blockchain”.

Bitigex’s advantages of deal source

 Bitigex has rich practical investment experience and entrepreneurial guidance in incubation culture industry. Bitigex team deeply ploughing entrepreneurship and investment in cultural industry, it also backed by multiple global top venture capitals. Bitigex has multi-channels, in depth cooperation and screening of blockchain projects in the cultural industry, ensured that Bitigex platform only provided high-qualified projects.

Bitigex’s advantages of official licence

 Bitigex will  be authorized  the digital asset exchange platform license in Central America, Europe and Asia. The first license  of digital asset exchange platform  will be authorized in Central America in March 2018. Bitigex is based on the global cultural industry. It will provide investors with various system functions, such as currency trading, futures contracts, financing, currency trading, OTC trading, whole network transaction and decentralized transaction, to meet all kinds of investors’ trading needs.

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