Tang Arts & Performance Studio Presents Eye Catching Folk Dances at Lunar Festival

Riverside, CA—Tang Arts & Performance Studio participated in 2022 Riverside Lunar Festival on January 29 and 30, presenting remarkable folk dances which caught the attention of every spectator.

Lunar Festival, organized by Panana Events with support from the City of Riverside and Inland Chinese American Alliance, is one of the largest Chinese New Year celebrations in the Inland Empire.

Performers of Tang Arts & Performance Studio recognized by Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson, and Cultural Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles Wang Taiyu.

“As the Year of the Tiger approaches, we feel honored to be invited to perform at Lunar Festival,” said Lucy Xie, the founder and art director of Tang Arts & Performance Studio.  “These performances demonstrate traditional Chinese folk culture, through which not only will Chinese culture lovers around the world feel the vibe of the Lunar New Year, but our students take pride in presenting their culture.”

Tang Arts & Performance Studio, established in 2016, is a dance group in Los Angeles specialized in creating, teaching, and performing art.  According to Xie, a dance performance artist from Beijing, the studio’s name is inspired by the Pear Garden Teaching Institute in the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

The studio currently enrolls a couple of hundreds of students, who performances are recognized by local communities and media.

At the two-day event held at historical Mission Inn Avenue in Riverside, the studio presented six outstanding performances:

  • Hemerocallis Fulva, also known as Orange Daylily, symbolizes the motherhood in China. A mother’s love for her children is the most selfless and unrequited in return. The children dance gracefully under the melodious and soothing melody, offering the sincerest love to their mothers, and wishing all mothers in the world a Happy Chinese New Year and good health!

  • Peach Blossom Fairy. Under the Peach Blossom Nunnery, Peach Blossom Fairies dance charmingly and send blessings to everyone with love and luck in the upcoming Chinese New Year.

  • Happy Year of Tiger. A group of cute little tigers are gearing up to greet everyone as the Spring Festival gets closer and closer.

  • Hemerocallis, also known as Orange Daylily. Daylily is mother flower in China as the carnation here in the States.  It also means worry free.  The image of daylily in China is always connected with the distance of time and space, the yearning of the family, especially mother. It is a unique plant culture image.

  • Korean Ethnic Dance “Joy”. Mountain Changbai, Flower Rhododendron, Korean ladies dance with joy for the upcoming new year.

  • “Wanjiang”, which means A Great Distance Territory. This dance is choreographed by the founder and artistic director Lucy. She is also in the leading role of this dance.The soft and graceful dancers in red come out of the blooming flower in Spring. Swaying the long silk fans as a rainbow and waving them into a magnificent picture of mountains and seas, they dance beautifully and passionately in their pursuit of perfection.  The dancers also express the spirit of Chinese people who are kind, honest, hardworking, courageous, persevering and persistent, sharing their intense feeling of homesickness away from their homeland.

(content and pictures by Tang Arts & Performance Studio)