The Third Los Angeles Asian Film Awards Ceremony Wrapped up in Hollywood

Los Angeles — On November 13, 2022, the two-day award ceremony of the third Los Angeles Asian Film Awards, exclusively named by DeRUCC and sponsored by the script writing software Final Draft, was successfully completed in Hollywood.

Roger Christiansen, director of “Friends” and “Hannah Montana”, a well-known American TV series, served as the chairman of the jury of this film festival. Senior jury members include: Indian American actress Christelle Almeida who once played roles of “Gossip Girl”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “Grey’s Anatomy”; Elias Acosta, the photography director of several cinema films, such as “Refuge from The Storm” and “Sanky Panky”; Yifan Du, a newly invited judge and a new Chinese director, once won more than 20 Best Short Film Awards at International Film Festivals when he was the director and editor of short films “A.I.” and “Blue”.

From Left: the host Karl Chaffey 、sponsoer Jessica Liu、newly invited judge Yifan Du 、Film Festival President Lureen Wu

Since the registration, the organizers have received hundreds of high-quality films to participate in the competition, including many excellent filmmakers at home and abroad with new works: the famous Japanese director Yukihiko Tsutsumi, who directed ” Crying Out Love in the Center of the World “, “The Kindaichi Case Files” and cooperated with international superstars such as Watanabe Ken and Satomi Ishihara; The annual short film “Thirty” was directed by Zhao Yuan and starred by new actor Lixin Yang, a national first-class actor in China, and Shunxi Zeng, a new actor.

The organizer with the winners of the LAAFA
The organizer with the winners of the LAAFA

Among them, the most eye-catching work was the documentary “Ice World”, which took four years to produce and was directed by Binying Qi, a Chinese American director and won the best Jury Prize for Documentary Feature Film; The miniseries ” Fragrance of the First Flower “, starred by Taiwan’s famous actress ZaiZai Lin, was selected as the best TV/Internet series in the largest drama competition in Europe for the first time, and was selected into the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival and the “Best International TV Program of 2021” by Variety, an American newspaper.

from left :Tien Brunelle, senior producer of Fox TV, executive producer of Emmy nominated film “Dr. Phil”、Peter Gamble Robinson, Associate Professor of USC School of Cinematic Arts、Timothy O’Brien, CEO of Oration Films

After screening by the jury, 17 awards were finally selected, including the best short film “Carrion”; Best feature film “The Runner”; Best MV “Joshou”; The best actress is ZaiZai Lin, a Taiwanese actor, who won the 57th Golden Bell Award for miniseries/TV movie heroines in the film ” Fragrance of the First Flower “; The best actor is Kang Kim from South Korea as the actor of the film “DAEBU (Godweather)”.

On the day of the event, the guests attending the 2022 Los Angeles Asian Film Awards(LAAFA) included: Wei Lu, a famous Chinese screenwriter who once served as “Farewell My Concubine”, ” To Live ” and “White Deer Plain”; Daxing Zhang, a Chinese American filmmaker who played the roles of “The Last Emperor”, ” Siao Yu ” and ” Charlie’s Angels 2″, then served as the Chinese producer of “Red Cliff”, “Man of Tai chi”; Richard Ren, the Executive Director of the “The Los Angeles Post” and a well-known media person in Los Angeles; Woody Mu, the producer and Chinese American filmmaker of the film “A Prayer Before Dawn” shortlisted at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival; Qingnian Tang, a famous contemporary painter; Chang’an Kong, the first Chinese at the Venice Biennale, a famous contemporary artist and curator.

In addition to the offline exhibition of award-winning works, this film festival also held a Hollywood master lecture on November 12.

Best TV Pilot/Webisode《Fragrance of The First Flower》

Hollywood honored guests invited on November 12 include the development director of the New Zealand Film Commission; Timothy O’Brien, CEO of Oration Films; Tien Brunelle, senior producer of Fox TV, executive producer of Emmy nominated film “Dr. Phil”; Peter Gamble Robinson, Associate Professor of USC School of Cinematic Arts; Simon Rhee, an Asian martial arts actor who once played the roles of “Inception”, “Mulan” and “Rush Hour 2”; Dante Basco, an Asian American Hollywood actor in the film “HOOK” directed by Steven Spielberg, an internationally renowned director, and starring with Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman, etc. They taught young filmmakers their personal experience and expertise. The organizer also designed a question-and-answer session on the scene to help more filmmakers answer questions.

Jury Prize for Documentary Feature Film《Ice World》

Los Angeles Asian Film Awards (LAAFA), as a project launched by Power of Film Institute, a non-profit organization founded by Lureen Wu, is also a broad platform for Asian filmmakers, aiming to provide Asian filmmakers with the opportunity to show their works and voice in the United States. LAAFA holds live activities in Los Angeles every November, including the cinema exhibition of the finalists, awarding of the award-winning works, professional seminars on various themes, various interactions between filmmakers from Asian countries and Hollywood industry, etc. It is an important platform for Asian filmmakers to show themselves to Hollywood and cooperative relationships. In addition, LAAFA also launched the online exhibition unit of the shortlisted works to make Asian filmmakers around the world no longer restricted by distance, so that they can display their works through the online exhibition platform and communicate with the Hollywood industry.

Best Music Video《序章 Joshou》

At the same time, the Power of Film Institute (non-profit organization) is establishing extensive cooperation relations with various charitable organizations, foundations, relevant government cultural institutions, Hollywood celebrities and guests, various blockbusters and film related industries, hoping to launch more related activities in the future, thus promoting the exchange and interaction between Asian filmmakers and Hollywood mainstream industries.

Zai Zai Lin (Fragrance of The First Flower)

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