First World Film Industry Conference Unveiled in Los Angeles

By UNE Staff Reporter

Santa Monica, CA–The 1st World Film Industry Conference (WFIC) kicked off today in Los Angeles.  The two-day event includes an opening ceremony, Global Film Academy Deans Forum, Global Film Producers Forum, World Audiovisual Technology Forum, Sino-U.S. Cultural Industry Summit, 1st Aollywood Five Continents Film Festival Golden Pear Blossom Awards winners announcement.

The conference, themed as “From Hollywood to Aollywood, a Dialogue across the Pacific”, is intended to seek solutions to global economic recovery in the post pandemic era, and enhance exchange and cooperation in the film industry.  Over 300 industry leaders and experts from around the world are scheduled to share their insightful ideas.

Haige Wang, Chairman and Founder of WFIC (image credit: Maggie Ma)

“Over the last three years, the world has been facing the challenge of the Covid pandemic, while global frictions are on the rise, and misunderstandings are deepening,” said Haige Wang, the chairman and founder of WFIC.  “Film industry is at a crucial turning point.  Government and industry leaders need to work together for a long-term policy and strategy to revive the cultural industry heavily hit by the pandemic.”

image credit: Bo Xiao

“The World Film Industry Conference is the first event that brings together filmmakers from all over the world since the pandemic.  We need to hear the voices of different countries and groups, build trust through communications, identify mutual interests, and create a better future,” Wang added.

image credit: Bo Xiao

Keynotes speakers include Elizabeth Daley, Dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Brian Kite, Interim Dean of UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, Susan Ruskin, Dean and Executive Vice President of the American Film Institute, Rob Minkoff, director and producer at Hollywood, Bill Mechanic, board member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Omar Kaczmarczyk, producer, Frederic Golchan, producer, William Mundell, producer, Arthur Sarkissian, producer, Sherwood Hu, a Chinese director, Gordon Williams, Grammy award winner, Bill Hillary, CEO of M2M Entertainment, Frederick Lapenda, President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Allen Yang,  Executive Director of the Vive Center for Enhanced Reality at UC Berkeley, Josie Liu, general manager of WFIC AI Center.

image credit: Bo Xiao

The discussions focused on opportunities and challenges facing the film industry, the development of streaming media, digital economy, employment prospect in the film industry, film trends in the post pandemic era, the impact of technology innovation, etc.

The World Film Industry Conference is co-hosted by the Aollywood Film Workers Association, the Huading Awards Selection Board, and U.S.-Sino Friendship Association.

image credit: Bo Xiao
image credit: Bo Xiao

About WFIC

The World Film Industry Conference, headquartered in Macao, China, is a non-profit platform intended to bring together leaders from government, business, academia, and the upstream and downstream of the film industry to set a global, regional and sectoral agenda for the advancement of the world film industry.

About Aollywood

Aollywood, a new landmark of film and television jointly initiated by hundreds of well-known actors in China, covers nine fields, including film and television production and distribution, music industry, big data center, artificial intelligence, entertainment marketing and advertising, and talent training, and involves such industrial chains as Film Workers Association, Producers Association, Film Critics Association and TV Drama Directors Association.