The Best Young Artist Awards (BYAA) Now Accepting Registration

The Best Young Artist Awards (BYAA) Now Accepting Registration

Los Angeles– The Best Young Artist Awards (BYAA) sponsored by the BYAA Association has now opened the registration and selection process worldwide. It expects to attract a large number of young artists from all over the United States to apply for the competition.

Founded in Los Angeles, BYAA is known as the “Oscar Award for Young Artists”. It aims to provide a platform for elite artists across the United States to showcase their works as well as a salon for communication and collaboration. The competition is holding its first event this year and recently announced the opening of the registration and selection process. It is expected to attract a large number of young artists from all over the United States to sign up for the election.

Later this year, BYAA will announce the top ten art elite awards in the United States, as well as several industry newcomer awards. Found in 2023, although it is a relatively new competition, it has brought together many esteemed key luminaries of the contemporary art world as judges. Their Background span across various types of art, culture, design, film, music, etc., In addition of selecting the most promising and valuable emerging artists in the industry, they will also provide professional guidance and career planning consultation for participating artists, so there are plenty to gain for those who are planning to jumpstart their career.

This award also fulfills a need for an art award aimed to discover new talent nationally. Over the years, there have been many contests and awards within the industry, but few of them focus on recognizing and cultivating young artists who have great potential but not yet become known. BYYA aims to provide them with a platform to showcase their talents to a knowledgeable audience that would in turn motivate more young artists to create.

This competition will set up awards for participants of different ages and backgrounds. The registration fee for student applicant is $88, the fee for young elite artists with less than five years of industry experience is $200, and the fee for general applicant is $350.

For more information, please contact for details about participation.